man touch globe image Welcome to Robas Research Established in 2012, Robas Research is a young & dynamic full service market research and insight organization which provides optimized outputs to advance and excel your current business. We do Research from Base Ethically and Honestly Fulfilling our Commitments We strive to fulfil our client’s requirement through best solution and services.

Who we are

Established in 2012, Robas Research is a young & dynamic full service market research and insight organization which provides optimized outputs to advance and excel your current business.

Custom Research

Custom Research is distinctive research which is personalized and optimized for our customers’ specific needs.

Survey Programming & Hosting

We are a team of experienced Survey Programmers ready to support our clients with their complex requirements.

Data Collection

Data Collection is the most important part of a research where the correct data needs to be captured. We cover various methodologies – Online, Offline, CATI and Mobile.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our Data analysis team has deep analytical skills with the capability to handle all complex level data, using different tools and techniques.

Panel Services

Robas Research is a fresh approach to Online Market Research. A fast-growing Market Research firm providing innovative online solutions to global clients with strong skills and technology.



At Robas Research, we are proud of our global Proprietary Healthcare Panel spread across the globe with over 300000(and still counting) Healthcare Professionals and 2.5 Million patients around the globe.

Omnibus Surveys

Our Omnibus is an affordable purchasing solution for businesses that need to quickly uncover consumer trends, buying behaviors, & power


We offer the most cutting-edge solutions to meet client’s requirements.


In-Depth Qualitative Research:

Robas Research taps into many fields of human sciences including Cognitive Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, and Semiotics to deliver results in compliance with a complex and multi-faceted reality.

Innovative Quantitative Research:

Robas Research has revisited the standards of the industry to implement a unique methodology combining the qualitative and the quantitative approaches to better reflect the diverse and subtle perspectives of respondents (even on large samples).

Pioneering Techniques & Technology:

Robas Research has consistently used pioneering research instruments (photo, video and blogs) to better serve its clients’ research objectives.

International Research Management:

Robas Research has a team of multilingual survey managers and a worldwide network of partners and is capable of conducting research projects in multiple countries.

Creative and Innovative Consultancy

Robas Research’s team of senior consultants has decades of expertise at designing creative and innovative ad hoc / Tracker / waves surveys.



Uderstand Research Objective

In compliance with all data collection techniques: face-to-face, telephone, web-based and self-administered.

Our questionnaires purposely go from open and projective questions to more close-ended and enforced ones.

Each research project is assigned to a survey supervisor who has extensive experience in the sector that applies to the survey.


Methodology & Data Collection.

The questionnaire is open enough to let respondents express their views without being overly influenced.

The system is however closed enough to enable a quantitative data processing. An oral or written report combining statistical data analysis (tables & figures), and verbatim classification.


Analyze The Data.

The quantitative results are balanced by and supplemented with the qualitative data analysis to facilitate the decision-making process.

The respondents’ verbatim analysis is not limited to codification, but is also reviewed by qualitative experts to provide a deeper, richer understanding of the consumer’s mind.


Derive Insights.

A large part of the verbatim is included in the report to give marketers access to that “gem” insight that helps them turn good ideas into stellar ones.

The sessions follow discussion guides that include multiple projective techniques

(visual aid inserted, etc.).

What are you waiting for?

We offer tailor made solutions to meet Clienteles requests.

We are dedicated to provide customized market research solutions in areas comprising of:

♦  Automobile

♦  Aviation

♦  Banking &Finance


♦  Electronics

♦  Infrastructure

♦  Insurance

♦  Telecommunication

♦  Healthcare

♦  Pharmaceuticals

♦  Politics/Public opinion

♦  Energy

♦  Technology

♦  Textiles

♦  Tourism

♦  Real estate

♦  Logistics

♦  Media

♦  Education

♦  Retailing

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We are passionate and dedicated about what we do and flexible enough to work the way clients want us to engage with them. Our engagement models enable us to work for very small assignments to long-term projects. Choose the one that suits your research requirements.


Clients who trust us

“A pleasure to work with Robas Research,” “we appreciate your flexibility,” “easy to reach and quick to respond.” We know how vital good testimonials are. However, many companies don’t allow their employees to make public endorsements. We have many happy clients and successful projects not represented on these pages.


What our customers saying?


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