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Data Analysis and Reporting

Robas Research has significant expertise in market research data processing and analysis.

Our Data analysis team has deep analytical skills with the capability to handle all complex level data, using different tools and techniques.

Our Data analysis team understands the client needs better by identifying their key requirements and give the best insights with value-added service to them.

Tools used for analysis: Quantum, SPSS, SAS or any relevant software the client requires. Outputs will be delivered in Excel, SPSS, Word and PowerPoint.

When the data is collected from different methods like CATI, CAPI, CAWI, single or multi-country we can give support to your data and provide you with the required output.

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Factor Analysis (dimension reduction)

Key Driver Analysis

Statistical Analysis (ANOVA, t-test, Chi-square, z-test etc.)

Conjoint Analysis

Multiple and Logistic Regression

Cluster Analysis & Market Segmentation

Discriminant Function Analysis

Multidimensional Scaling

Econometric & Statistical Modeling

Expertise with tools: SAS, SPSS, Quantum

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Robas Research reporting team help our clients by providing highly effective/insightful reports and presentations. We use PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF. Our reports and presentations include a wide range of market research standard outputs.

Robas Research team has the ability to write effective reports by organizing the results in such a way that it allows readers to find the most important information easily. Our team uses text, charts and tables to present analysis result and communicates the information in clear, jargon-free language.

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Report delivery with 100% error free and within the specified timeliness

Custom report generation

Ready to adapt changing reporting needs

Creating simple and complex charts

Providing key insights, recommendations which will help in decision making


Verbatim Coding

Turn open-ended text into great insights.

Robas Research discovers customer insights from open-ended survey responses quicker, more precisely and more economically than any other process or tool.

Benefits of using our verbatim services.

Advanced level of coding productivity
 Increased accuracy over other, more traditional methods
Ability to change and adapt coding while in progress
Quality and productivity metrics


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