Survey programming
and hosting

Survey Programming and Hosting

We are a team of experienced Survey Programmers ready to support our clients with their complex requirements. Our team has excellent hands on exposure to work on HTML, Java script, JQuery, CSS implementation and template design.

Robas Research programming team is capable of working on multimedia requirements such as images, audio, video, and FLASH.

We thrive to achieve the best look and feel of the survey. We also program surveys in multiple languages and design the complexities with impeccable quality.

Tool used for Survey Programming:

Our survey programming team has good hands on experience in tools like

  • Nebu
  • Confirmit
  • Qualtrics
  • Sawtooth
  • Kinesis
  • And many more…

The programmers are ready to fulfil the client’s requirements 24/7

Our expertise team has worked on several complex projects and achieved the highest level of satisfaction rate from our clients.

Some features include:

  • Image/Video Implementation
  • Interlocking Quotas
  • Least Filled Logic
  • Priority Logic
  • Max Diff Implementation
  • Price Sensitivity Logic
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Survey re-contact
  • Template Designing
  • Report Tool Creation
  • Text/Image Highlighting
  • Data downloaded in different formats for analysis will be safe
  • Custom error messages are displayed with high quality
  • Trade off/ Conjoint Implementation
  • JavaScript/JQuery/CSS Implementation

Advanced programming by Java script:

  • We have developed java script to program online questionnaire to meet the ever changing requirements from the clients.
  • It might be very handy for all the topers and the people who are interested in programming questionnaires by themselves when such functions are needed.